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Actualism and Actual Freedom

Simply stated, an actual freedom is a state of permanent freedom from the malice and sorrow that characterises the human condition. Actualism comprises ideas and practices that are aimed at achieving an actual freedom.

Actual freedom is the permanent dissolution of the Self with its emotional core. It is about the ending of being or feeling being – that intuited sense of who one feels oneself to be deep within. Actual freedom can be thought of as an alternative to Hindu or Buddhist forms of enlightenment.

If actual freedom is a state of utter perfection, where one has one's illusions stripped bare revealing the scintillating wonder of this universe – then actualism and the actualism method are imitative of that state. This imitation gets one closer and closer to an actual freedom, until the day arrives when one has a choice to make to 'self-immolate' thereby securing a permanent perfection for oneself as a flesh and blood body - rather than 'me' as an identity or socio-instinctual construct.

Origins of Actual Freedom

We first came to know about the existence of actual freedom in ~1997 from the writings of Richard, a retired Australian ceramicist, father of 4 and former army Seaman, who prefers to omit his last name publicly for privacy reasons. Richard (b 1947) became actually free from the human condition in 1992 after 11 years of living in a state of enlightenment – a state that he eventually found to be spurious and wanting.

Born on the South-West coast of Australia in a small regional town, Richard was raised by his parents in a dairy farm. After school, he enlisted in the army and found himself stationed in Vietnam, during the war, as a 19 year old. The first hand experience of the horrors of war proved to be devastating to his previous outlook and values which as he put it were very much aligned with 'God, queen, and country'. It also set about a lifelong search for an escape from the human condition that ended in 1992 when he became actually free.

Actualism Method

Main article: actualism method

The actualism method is essentially about feeling good now to the extent one can, as a moment to moment practice.

The actualism method is consistently enjoying and appreciating this moment of being alive, thus making it both an aspirational practice or goal and an effective thing-to-do-now at one and the same time.

About This Wiki

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a collaboratively-edited, expansive source of articles, tools, techniques, reports, descriptions, experiences, and explanations regarding actualism and actual freedom, as described on the Actual Freedom Trust website.

While the Actual Freedom Trust website is so far the only guaranteed-to-be-accurate repository of reports, descriptions, and explanations of actual freedom, there are many actualists that have their own experiences, whose reports, descriptions, and explanations others find helpful and useful. There may also be particular aspects, scenarios, etc., that aren't already covered on the AFT site. Further, the AFT site is not as extensively hyperlinked as a wiki can be. Thus this resource is meant to facilitate wiki walks, link to the AFT site where appropriate, and provide supplementary material where relevant.

Actualism also has a funny aspect of it being hard to find the "first" point to dive in and start explaining things. The nature of a wiki is such that, anywhere you dive in, you get linked to other parts of the wiki that link to all other parts, etc. Thus the organizational structure of this wiki reflects this circular and self-referential nature.

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