Pure Consciousness Experience

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A pure consciousness experience, or PCE for short, is a direct experience of being conscious, unmediated by any self, Self, ego, or soul.

Description of the PCE

In general it is a scintillating, wondrous experience, full of intrinsic joy, benevolence, sheer delight, wonder, and fun, regardless of what is happening.

See descriptions of particular PCEs here.

Nature of the PCE

The reason the PCE — which is not an uncommon human occurrence — is as intrinsically delightful as it is, is a direct result of the absence of any self, Self, soul, being, feeling-being, moods, emotions, etc., occurring whatsoever. It is when 'you' as feeling-being go into abeyance and allow the flesh and blood body that you actually are, to directly experience itself being alive.

Utility of the PCE

The PCE is a way for someone to experience the actual world before becoming actually free.

Essentially the whole point or purpose of actualism can be boiled down into:

  • Do whatever you can to have a PCE
  • Imitate that PCE as much as possible in your daily life (i.e. employ the actualism method).
  • Finally decide one day to live your life that way forever (i.e. self-immolate).


The term “pure consciousness experience” is very simple and descriptive: it is an experience of pure consciousness.

"Pure" in this context is an adjective referring to the nature of the consciousness experienced, which is that there is no self or Self or ego or soul anywhere to "dirty" the experience.