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Feeling-being is a term used to describe how most people experience themselves as existing.

It refers to who one feels and thinks oneself to be.

Who or What Am I?

How do you know that you exist? Without going down abstruse philosophical ruminations, the answer is simply that you intuit or feel yourself to exist.

Every feeling-being has this feeling that they exist. Interestingly it isn't based on anything in particular -- it's "just" a feeling. But this, then, is 'who' you ultimately are at your core.


Being conceived and thereafter born into this world is how you became a feeling-being. It’s primarily a genetic inheritance, which via environment, socialisation, and cultural conditioning resulted in the development of your social identity.

Pure Consciousness

With that being said, as a feeling-being, you can temporarily go into abeyance to allow a Pure Consciousness Experience (PCE) to happen, which is when the actual flesh and blood body that you (as a feeling-being) are inhabiting, is able to directly experience "itself" as being alive. This is where it gets tricky to describe, and there is no substitute for experiencing it, because the "you" that you experience yourself to be in a PCE is not this feeling-being 'you'.

However, it isn't anybody else either :D. It's not like some alien parasite inhabits your body. Rather, the PCE-you, aka the actual you, is what you ultimately actually are... however this is impossible to experience outside of a PCE.

This is one of those things that's impossible to adequately explain to someone who hasn't experienced it yet... then once you have the experience it's crystal clear what is meant and what is described.

Luckily it isn't that hard to have a PCE, and you've most likely had them spontaneously in your past, so you can find out for yourself.

Actual Freedom

An actually free person is not a feeling-being at all, anymore. Rather they are what remains after the feeling-being they used to be agreed to 'self-immolate'.