Actualism method

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The actualism method is the continuous enjoyment and appreciation of this moment of being alive.

The Method Itself

Note that the method, in and of itself, is continuously enjoying and appreciating being alive, this moment, and each moment again.

There are various tools to facilitate this, such as tracing back to when you were last feeling good, investigation, etc. But these are not the method itself. The method itself is the continuous enjoyment and appreciation of being alive.

Very notably, the way that a feeling being enjoys and appreciates being alive, is, not surprisingly, via feelings. Namely, feeling good, being in an affectively-felt good mood, etc.

So the method takes no "effort" to do, it is just the normal and natural feeling good that everyone can already do from time to time. The innovation is in seeing that it's something that can be done continuously, 24/7 -- there is no factual impediment to doing so. But as it's done via emotionally feeling good, there is nothing "special" or esoterical about it, per se. It is just a matter of removing all the impediments.

However, when feeling good is done continuously, it will quickly become amazing to just what degree and intensity this feeling good can elevate to -- up to feeling great, feeling excellent, having a blast, etc., all on a regular basis, where you experience that there is no factual or actual limit to just how much fun you can be having going about your normal daily life!

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