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Actualism comprises the set of ideas, methods, tools and practices that are aimed at achieving an actual freedom.

The primary focus or aim of actualism is to become actually free.

Until the day dawns that you become free, in the meantime you employ the actualism method as the best thing to do with your time, and to change yourself and your life to be more conducive to becoming actually free.

Actualism is Experiential

Actualism is entirely experiential.

That means the main focus or point of actualism is on you yourself employing the actualism method in your own daily life - yes, you, the one that's reading this!

It's essentially all about having fun, and enjoying being alive.

Reading about and thinking about actualism, actual freedom, the method, etc., can be likened to walking around a vast library, with many nooks and crannies, full of books, some with fascinating bits of info, others with utterly boring trivia, some you don't relate to at all, others that feel like it's describing you personally. And all of the books are saying the same thing -- look outside, look out the window at the outdoors, and go outside and have fun!

That is to say that while the information can be invaluable on your path, the point of it is to actually use it all, not spend all your time reading and thinking about it!