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The Actual Freedom Trust website is the website created by Richard, Peter, and Vineeto, where the discovery of actual freedom and the development of actualism was first made public.

It is available at the following URL:

Importance of the Site

The importance of the AFT site is that it provides a "guarantee of authenticity" as to the accuracy of the contents. Only the directors of the Actual Freedom Trust can modify it, and they take great care in only publishing the most accurate reports, descriptions, information, explanations, etc.

Particularly, and most saliently, you know that when you are reading the reports of actually free people on the AFT site, they are indeed actually free and not someone mistaking themselves to be actually free.

That Means this Wiki is Inaccurate?

Well, anybody can edit any page on the wiki without any editorial oversight. So, it is possible, yes.

If you want to be 100% completely sure that something regarding actualism and actual freedom is accurate, and you don't have the personal experience to know what the case may be, then the AFT site is the only place to be sure you're getting the accurate information.


That being said, the main limitation of the site is that it's not an interactive in-person conversation with somebody. All the information is there, and it is accurate, but it is easy to read into it what you want to see as opposed to what it is actually saying.

Thus conversing with other actualists can be extremely helpful, particularly conversing with actually free people.